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#149 Best Apps of The Week – Pinterest World Paradise « Pinterest «

#149 Best Apps of The Week – Pinterest World Paradise

Pinned on 09/08/2012 at 7:48 am by owner

#149 Best Apps of The Week – Pinterest World Paradise

App List 1. Power Dots 0:24 2. All-In-One Toolbox 0:39 ttp:// 3. Lyngo Lite 1:54 4. Mapsaurus 2:56 5. Worldscope Webcams 3:58 6. Pinterest 4:44 7. tipSkip 5:47 8. Music Paradise 7:11 9. Cubie 8:26 10. Simple Calendar Widget 9:07 2 or more shows every week on dedicated App Mondays & Game Thursdays =D Subscribe & Stay Subbed =] *********Come check out some really cool Tips & Tricks #1 Lock screen Protection #2 Disable system Apps (no Root) #3 Remove Ads from Games (no root) #4 Power Control Toggle Widgets #5 Maximize and Save Battery #6 Take screen shot captures #7 Clear or Reset Defaults #8 Smart Statusbar – Must have App WANT MORE CooLoserNess?!! Visit my Website @ Yeeeeee!!! Find over 1000 Apps & Games I have reviewed so far! (11 – 4/2012 ) You will see the quick list in Categories of ALL the Applications & Games I have Reviewed with links to the video #Number# to watch a review for that such title. Find the latest Android tech news. Top Mobile devices to have. Deals. My Favorite Must have Apps. Help Support Forums and Contact. Merchandise (looking forward to it) and more to come as I progress in time. Spread The Word!!! =] ***** Stay in touch – Follow me On


DJBiggzmiseh says:

after killing task r programs why do they start again automacilly

souberamar says:

make more videos

brentgould91 says:

Can you make a video of what apps and ROM and what not you keep and use the most

jx454es says:

Mapasaurus? Can I find Nemo?

Spamer OOV says:

u’r place is on a TV channel


i’ll never unsub i have so many great apps because of you. hope your mom and grandma get better.

princefeather says:

Thanks Bro….hope all is well. Keep up the good work!

RobertAniFreak says:

I love your series man its very detailed, handy and you even put the freaking barcode on the corner of apps’s witch is amazing but i need your help now x_X
I’m playing some games i though are single player on my “Galaxy S I9000” but still I keep somehow connecting to net, downloading data and stuff witch charges me money when outside of home. Is there something I can use to completely shut off internet for a while or a app that i can find out whats causing this?

Atir6325 says:

I love your informative videos. Hope your Grandmother and Mom get better soon.

tigeryorkie07 says:

Hey Cool. Can you tell me what that app was you showed in one of your visit that was like a “call bar” widget you could put on your home page for frequently called numbers?  Thanks in advance.

lmnk7 says:

First translation in rusian is right second well I dont know

UNITY3I3 says:

Try using WiFi at home.. and to shut off mobile data, go to settings and find wireless settings and you should find it in there. Hope this helped! 🙂

Ellacost831 says:

its ven para mi casa

RobertAniFreak says:

* Hits head on table * I figured out the problem, I left the “mobile connection” on the entire time XD shut it down yesterday and works fine now

sedaya22 says:

You need to shorten your into again. The English doesn’t make any sense. The cooloser fosho to deliver so get ready… wtf kind of grammar is that?

sedaya22 says:


parkourfreak793 says:

LOVE the intro how did you make it 😀

theprincemoh1 says:

close the window

gabriel1989tanger says:

2 are pro-apple lol

Jake Neal says:

Do some rom reviews please.

Jake Neal says:

also is that the gsm nexus?

CooLoserTech says:

yes im with tmobile

Jeny Jose says:

m’ using simple calendar widget for more than 1 and half year 😀 Really nice prog. I add my facebok events to google calendar then syc.. and I never missed my friends’ birthdays 😀

davielove11 says:

Wishing your mom and grandma the best…. Great job!

armandolb says:

Great job. Wishing your grandmother and mother speedy recovery.

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