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A Man’s Guide to Pinterest: How to Dominate Pinterest Like Women Do – an unofficial guide « Pinterest «

A Man’s Guide to Pinterest: How to Dominate Pinterest Like Women Do – an unofficial guide

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A Man’s Guide to Pinterest: How to Dominate Pinterest Like Women Do – an unofficial guide

By far, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media network. Pinterest is completely dominated by Women. The reason, because men just don’t seem to get it. A Man’s Guide to Pinterest is for marketers, but it’s not a marketing book per se. It is for anyone who is having difficulties getting followers who will do more than just look at your pins.

You want followers who are going to make purchases, get more productive traffic to your boards and click through to your website.

It will be so easy for you to dominate your niche on Pinterest . . . in fact its so easy, no one wants you to know how easy it is.

50 billion pins and growing, that’s a lot of competition for your pins. This book will take you to the places, and to the functions and features (many of which are hidden in plain sight) of Pinterest that “all” the successful pinners know.

If you came here from Pinterest, you already know the techniques in this book work. Do yourself a big favor, click on the buy already, otherwise keep reading.

Pinterest is more than your everyday, ordinary social media network, the main reason why it is growing so fast. If you don’t quite understand Pinterest, don’t worry you are not alone. The other social media sites don’t get it either. If they did, they wouldn’t sleep at night.

Because of Pinterest, one social media site recently changed their feed so images and videos could be seen without have to click on a link first. Another has tried to block their users from pinning directly to Pinterest. They think: problem solved. These actions just show, they really don’t “get” what Pinterest is all about.

You’ve heard all the statistics, 300 million users (actually, 70 million active users). How in the world can anyone ever hope to dominate that? It’s easier than you might think. That’s the real reason why so many people (especially men) don’t understand Pinterest. There’s no way it could be this easy.

With other social networks you have to employ an army of followers, spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising and complex apps just to get noticed.

None of this is necessary with Pinterest. Pinterest has opened up and launched promoted pins. But they are more effective when included with the steps outlined in this book (not instead of).

Pinterest is for all of the visually and text oriented people among us. Which basically, is everybody.

So is this book. It’s filled with actual examples and strategies that will get you targeted followers and unbelievable exposure, not weeks or months from now, but almost immediately. It also completely debunks any thoughts or notions that you have to employ black-hat techniques in order to dominate any niche on Pinterest. The strategies you will learn are far more effective.

If you are new to Pinterest, that’s OK, If you are a long term veteran of Pinterest and haven’t broken through the ceilings yet you are going to love this book.

This is not a step by step on the basic usage of Pinterest. You should already have a good understanding of the basics. It is a step by step guide of the strategies that will take your Pinterest accounts to places you have only dreamed of or heard about through all the Internet hype.

No matter what your niche, even affiliate programs. You will learn the secrets of the successful Pinterest marketers that you have heard about all over the Internet.

You’ve probably seen the boards with tens of thousands of followers and thought, these women must have been on Pinterest since day one. They may be, but the beauty of Pinterest is you can get on Pinterest today and dominate any niche in a very short period of time. Not in-spite of these leaders but because of them.

If you are ready click on the buy button and lets get started.


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