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Cook’n with Taste of Home [Old Version]

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Cook’n with Taste of Home [Old Version]

If the simple-yet-scrumptious meals are the kind your family enjoys best here’s a fail-proof recipe for cooking success: The Cook’n with Taste of Home CD.Since 1993 Taste of Home has attracted over 5 million subscribers making it America’s #1 cooking magazine! A unique food magazine Taste of Home contains thousands of family favorite recipes contributed by readers from all across the U.S. and Canada.Combined with the power of Cook’n software you can easily store your own recipes on your personal puter or instantly choose from over 600 award-winning Taste of Home recipes.Conveniently loaded with 500 photos of easy-to-fix recipes for main dishes soups salads side dishes desserts and more Cook’n with Taste of Home can plan plete family-sized meals or downsized for one or two…all served in 30 minutes or less.That means you can cook dishes with confidence. Forget running to a specialty store for goat cheese or sundried tomatoes; these recipies call only for ingredients you have right on hand. Also learn some of the “secret” ingredients that cooks add to make ordinary dishes outstanding!Get Cook’n with Taste of Home and enjoy this collection of family favorites.System Requirements:Pentium processor or better Windows 9x/2000/Me/NT/XP 8 MB RAM 2x CD-ROM drive 16 MB hard drive spaceFormat: WIN 9598MENT2000XP Genre: REFERENCE / LIFESTYLE Age: 615029000483 UPC: 615029000483 Manufacturer No: 0048Cook’n with Taste of Home helps you create scrumptious family meals that are easy to make and nutritionally balanced to boot. It features 600 favorite recipes and 500 full-color photographs from Taste of Home magazine. You can also expand the Cook’n electronic cookbook by adding your own family recipes or downloading new ones from the Internet. Easy to use, this program is a real timesaver. Simply input the ingredients you have on hand, and Cook’n suggests a range of recipes. Its recipe manager makes entertaining a snap. Just enter the number of guests, and this clever program calculates the new ingredient amounts for you! Print recipes onto three-by-five cards right from your desktop, so your recipe box never becomes cluttered again. And, when it comes to sharing recipes, just e-mail them with ease.

Cook’n with Taste of Home adds a menu planner, grocery-shopping assistant, and home nutritionist. Build your own weekly and monthly menus. Learn techniques that save time. Compile your grocery list automatically with the handy shopping assistant; it organizes your list by aisle and estimates the cost, saving you time as well as watching out for your money. It even converts measures used in recipes to those used in the store, so you buy just the right sized can! Download your shopping list from Cook’n to your PalmPilot handheld for complete organization. A built-in database holds nutrition facts from the labels of 10,000 food products, so you can determine which products best meet your dietary needs. The home nutritionist also analyzes recipes and menus, including the ones you add!

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