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Does Pinterest Drive Traffic to Your Web Site?

Pinned on 09/27/2012 at 12:40 pm by owner

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Does Pinterest Drive Traffic to Your Web Site? – If you have a small business, or help manage social media for a business, you’re likely considering how to use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy. Pinterest has quickly become the hottest social network du jour, and sites like Mashable have (completely incorrectly) cited that Pinterest is the “top traffic driver for retailers.” In any case, here’s how to use Pinterest as a business, regardless of the type of product or service you offer. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: http

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Matthew Cheung says:

Thanks for the helpful tips! I will consider using Pintrest 🙂

theivious says:

don’t u have a wedding to get ready for chris?

Thomas Reed says:

Thanks for suggesting this with the tips as well. I’ll give it a shot to help my website out!

Will Bramlett says:

I’m having trouble finding a Pinterest page for Chris..

66gfunk says:

i used to plus one and share tldr everday… yet you didnt even seem to notice…

Bharat Kumar Gupta says:

hey when i plus ones this video, this time even more refined share pop up box opened, google + is def getting better. I m starting to like this site over facebook and i really like the engagement inside lg community there.

srivatsan0312 says:

Though i religiously listen to and share +1 videos here on Lockergnome i still am not on Pinterest 🙁 🙂

jimbalimb says:

“There are FOUR lights!” Well said Mr. Picard…

Antim Batchev says:

i have never used pintrest but i have heard that its a good place to share your pictures i will actually try it soon 

PixeIIe says:

Fact of the matter is, I work very hard for much of my content and if Pintrist does not respect my intellectual property rights, I won’t be pinning any of my stronger work there (and I would ask other people not to as well). I may consider pinning stuff that I don’t work very hard at for possibly driving a small audience, but, all in all, I don’t see how it’s different from Tumblr (and Tumblr’s purpose and usage evades me as well). Maybe I’m just not the right person for those services.

jazevox says:

i never use pinterest before, i will definitely check it out to see if it will help my website get some traffic..

TheDualCoreDude says:

I’d Love to be a gnomie so I can hang out with Bentarr, thatdamnscottsman, redbunny and all the other gnomies. Being on the gnomies chat is every geeks dream!!
Unfortunately I can’t afford it until September time!!! 🙁

Antim Batchev says:

great way to earn money!

ChiefLeftenant says:

Taxidermy reference?

Head2ToeTheatrical says:


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