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How to Use the Social Media Sites Pinterest and Polyvore together to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog « Pinterest «

How to Use the Social Media Sites Pinterest and Polyvore together to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

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How to Use the Social Media Sites Pinterest and Polyvore together to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Pinterest is the current Internet darling. The rising star in the spotlight of social media marketing.

Polyvore is the lesser-known but gorgeous lady by his side.

And Pinterest is making Polyvore a star.

Polyvore is Kate Middleton or Gwyneth Paltrow dating Brad Pitt in 1995. A star of her own.

Yet together, we have the power couple of the decade. Working to compliment and enhance each other – each making the other even brighter.

Enter the Internet marriage of Pinterest & Polyvore, circa 2012.
All fun metaphors aside, Pinterest and Polyvore, used individually and together, are now being used to drive lots of traffic to websites, online businesses and blogs. This eBook will explore the features of each social marketing medium on it’s own, and then discuss how to synthesize them for a unique power punch of creativity and massive promotion.

Pinterest and Polyvore – Friend or Foe?

It would appear that Pinterest & Polyvore might be in competition with each other….both as social media cousins vying to present and promote visual images of (often) fashion.

Yet in a March 2012 interview, reported that the co-founders of Polyvore have decided to work with Pinterest, instead of in competition.

Good move.

In February (’12) alone, Polyvore added 2 million new monthly unique (first time) visitors, with 1 million of those being referrals from Pinterest.

How do Pinterest and Polyvore Compliment Each Other?

Pinterest is the addictively fun way of gathering images of what you like online, and then creating pin boards to show what you love in an organized and stylized way. You then share your boards with others while peeking in on what your friends and followers are creating.

Polyvore is more about creation than collection. You are given a blank palette in which you click and drag items you like (from a prescribed collection of current and hip item images) to create a unique collage. The original intention is to create fashion collages, but that is changing. Type in “baby memory book” to “blender” and hundreds of images appear for your creative use.

Both Pinterest and Polyvore are fun, creative, addictive and exciting.

Pinterest is for showcasing and collecting other people’s products and images. You are not in control of where your images are placed on the pinboard. You just stack them up and Pinterest displays them in the order you pin. (I bet my laptop this will change in no time, but for now, this is how it works.)

And while your collages in Polyvore are also made up of other people’s products and images, how you arrange them becomes your own unique creation.

Pinterest is hot and a current promotional powerhouse. But after awhile it becomes tricky to find new content. You’ve got to keep scouring the Internet to find new and unique images.

Currently, Polyvore with 15 million unique monthly visitors (while nothing to sneeze at) pales in comparison to Pinterest’s whopping 104 million unique visitors a month.

So, as will be fully explained in this eBook, you will soon learn how these social media sites benefit from and compliment each other in the following ways:

Polyvore needs Pinterest for promotion.

Pinterest needs Polyvore for content.

And there it is. So happy together.

Focus of this eBook

So yes, Polyvore and Pinterest work beautifully together. We will discuss how to use them together, but more importantly we will examine how to specifically use them together to drive traffic and business to your website, online business or blog.


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