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March Goals and (Pinterest) Plans « Pinterest «

March Goals and (Pinterest) Plans

Pinned on 09/21/2012 at 1:00 pm by owner

March Goals and (Pinterest) Plans

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ObbsAndLala says:

In 4-6 months =)
Thanks for the idea!

ObbsAndLala says:

really? let me know your email, I can send you an invite! That will make it faster right?

ObbsAndLala says:

“and the story’s all over you”
thank you!!

BeingDavidsMommy says:

Omg stuffing in the sandwich would be so good to!

aaronandamanda2011 says:

I think these are all great goals! Date night are a must! It took us 2 years to realize we needed to spend some more time together because we never spent time alone since we had our son. Love the cloth clogs I always look forward to them! 🙂

ramirezjasmine42 says:

I love your videos and I think you have some good ideas I like the project and food ideas the best also hope you have a happy bday this month its also my bday on the 12 of this month well looking forward to your new videos much love

TheTacosAreHere says:

Can’t wait for the update, and weird we may be ttc at the same time. Depending on how stuff goes with us.

TheTacosAreHere says:

Oh and happy birthday this month. 🙂

nell2884 says:

I love the idea of monthly goals. And making pinterest goals also! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!

familialara3 says:

Day in the life vlog, for TTC you can start charting/temp on fertility friend and update, whats in our fridge, favorite “weight loss” products.

ItsKellyWinter says:

The pinterest plan is such a good idea!
And i always love a good day in the life vlog 🙂

ObbsAndLala says:

hey, thanks for watching! I’ll be sure to check out your channel =)

SubfertileFrugalista says:

That’s a fabulous list. Very ambitious, but I like that it’s challenging. I’m a big Pinterest freak and I have put myself on a bit of a pinning freeze in lieu of focusing on the pins I *already* have…trying to put them to use! That said, I still pin all the time so it just means I need to do more projects!

friendlymami says:

Great ideas! You should do meal ideas n snacks for Liam, n maybe some hauls for you, loved how Liam kept walking by the camera n when ur hubby came by n the letters popped up, with what is he wearing 😀

beckygem says:

I would love to see the toddler food series. I’m always looking for new ideas on toddler foods. Also I think the random vlog is a great idea, just to keep us updated on life in general and how things are going! All great ideas and I can’t wait to see the pinterest projects too.

ourjourney11 says:

dates are so important! Scott and I have “date night” every second tuesday. We dont have kids as yet but we still needed to set time for us to just spend some quality time together.. and hoping we continue our date nights into parenthood too

alandamandamama says:

You have a lot of videos to do this month… I am a March Bday too 🙂 When is yours? I love random vlogs!!

ObbsAndLala says:

Well I average 10-14 videos a month already, so it’s not too ambitious! haha. That’s awesome, I’m on the 29th; how about you??

alandamandamama says:

Wow, that is really good!! I have slowly been going down hill on videos and quality. I am happy if I can get one up in a week. When I first started I did one almost every day. My bday is on the 26th ♥

MissMaddiesMummy says:

Your bday is on the 29th? Awesome! Mines on the 28th 🙂

2590az1 says:

🙂 ma baby girl b day is in march to that going to be fun wen you random your son room i will like to see wen you do it that going to be great wen you do some cooking you her 🙂 pretty family by

ChelsyeBrooks says:

Yay! My birthday is in March too! The 15th I will be 1/4 of a century old… so weird. I love all of your vlogs. I would love it if you could do a video on anything you know about fertility, charting, OPKs etc… Are you going to start TTC in a certain month or are you waiting until you reach your weight loss goals? I am torn, because my weight loss goals are HUGE and I want to start TTC in June.

luvablemae says:

I love your videos, I started watching 4 ur cloth diaper vlogs, now I watch everything. I have been inspired 2 start my own vlog. I have only had it going 4 about a week but I am uploading videos like mad! take a look! I am a plus size mama, who is pregnant w/ my 3rd boy & starting 2 cloth diaper 4 the first time & very excited! I think Im also going 2do a goals video! I love ur pintrestl I started following u because I already repinned many of ur ideas! Thanks 4 the inspirations!

shawtyjuz4u says:

just found your channel today and i love your videos! love your personality. i also have a son. hes 8 months old.

FelandCaleb says:

Hey I’ve been watching your channel for a while now and I love them! I just made my very first video and was wondering if you could check them out and maybe even subscribe?

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