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Pinterest, Just Dance 3 and More

Pinned on 09/11/2012 at 10:43 am by owner

Pinterest, Just Dance 3 and More

Subscribe to! Eff Yeah! I Want That! with Joey G Pinterest, Just Dance 3 and More I am dreaming very big in this episode of Eff Yeah! — I’ve got my eyes on a million yacht! But I’m also mentioning other products that are a lot more affordable this week, such as Pinterest, Just Dance 3 and uh, a horse. This Thursday’s upcoming Pop Wars Horseback riding challenge got me way in the mood for one. So find out why I’m loving these things in the video above, and let me know what stuff you want to see in one of my episodes in the comments. Because chances are that eff yeah…I want it!! Make sure to follow on Pinterest! Catch a new episode of Eff Yeah! I Want That! with Joey G on every Tuesday at 2pm PT! Need more Joey G now? Check out: We’ve got some of THAT! Check out our free stuff: Love Be our BFF! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Get more Joey G… check out his channel! http


WillowAStratton says:

I’m addicted to this one game that you can get on your smart phone. Its called Rage of Bahamut. Its kinda like pokemon and since I love pokemon, I love this game.

Shar Rai says:

lmao at all the armpit comments on this video.

ToLazyAlwaysDozy says:

Anyone can shave their armpits lol

zmimm says:

of course boys do… if they want.
it’s 2012 – time to abolish sexist stereotypes ♥

MadsSaysHello says:

Well, most guys don’t. Some do, I guess. 🙂

IiZmeZoYeah says:

go to and type in this:may the odds be ever in your favor bracelet
JOEY YOU SHOULD GET THIS!! Like this so Joey can see!

KewlKat143 says:

Guys, enough about his pits. It’s his choice to shave them or not, and it’s not like he’s shoving them all up in your face in person. It’s no big deal.

Patience Cox says:

you should Eff Yeah! –> Bright Light Pillow….SOOO freaking cool! =D

Daniel Rodriguez says:

why did it say verify age wtf

DrawMyMindWithBlood says:

my pc HATES joeys videos¬ 🙁

doublejwillis says:

What happened joey, your glasses break??

Tacalle18 says:

Verify age? Wuuut.

lschmidt4501 says:

age what the heck

vanessagregoire says:

what i hate about just dance 3 is that inthe song “party rock anthem” you don’t shufle…

maggie minnick says:


maggie minnick says:


nhhd10 says:

Haha ikr. My dad does though, hes a strange one. :L

MadsSaysHello says:

Well, my dad has to shave his neck, soooo…. :/

nhhd10 says:

thats normal O_O

MadsSaysHello says:

LOL ikr?

Vin Wb says:


javpanGAMES says:

to look like a girl?

javpanGAMES says:

but it looks weird

CreepersRus223 says:

Is Joey gay bi or straight

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