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Pinterest Obsession!!!1

Pinned on 08/10/2012 at 10:51 am by owner

Pinterest Shortcut

Pinterest Obsession!!!1

Don’t forget to check out http Want to get me or Widget a gift? Check out our Amazon Wishlist: Circle me: Like me: Follow me: Audio file(s) provided by This video is in collaboration with and brought to you by Authority Labs. Pinterest is basically an online pin board where people pin stuff, and you repin things you like. It’s realllyyy popular with women, and there is even a site called that posts manly stuff. Even funnier…some of you may not know this….but there is a porn site called that ripped off pinterests style and site design, but it’s all pornographic. I won’t link you to that on youtube, but I’m sure you can figure out how to spell it. So, back to Pinterest. *cut* I have to pin this. Ohhh cute! That looks taasty! Pin Pin Pin Pin *cut* There’s no limit to what you can find, or pin, on Pinterest. People promote themselves. Businesses are trying to capitalize. *cha ching* “MUAHAHA I will be rich!” Wait a second. Pintrest will never be a spam wasteland, and I am gonna tell you why. right now. so listen up. Number One Photos. It has pictures. Finding pictures that capture the hearts of people is alot harder than coming up with a catchy title. It takes time and effort. People drive up their search engine rank by using a catchy title and good SEO but the content is bad. They just want dat ad revenue. Which is great news for those of you

Pinterest Shortcut


kronic760 says:

Widget brought me to this video 🙂

rrcczz says:

Just a reskinned Twitter clone

TheNinjamunkee says:

Wicky wicky…awesome

proofandevidence says:

thanks for contributing to humanity with this video, I now have a regained faith in humanity…

proofandevidence says:

this video is spam

Dcdatruth85 says:

Sassi is getting close to doing a Nude Vid I can smell it lol.

ExCakeProductions says:

No! Do you know what everyone says about Pinterest behind your back? Hmm? They say that it’s that’s a less hot version of Tumblr!

MrTechy4641 says:

@Hockeygod98 “The human residence will be incinerated”

sirNemanjapro says:

get a life

SassiBoB says:


Kaizaad Kermani says:

just pinned your sweet face lol

markshmily says:

I miss being called a stalker, perv, and nerdy nerd… is that wrong?
Oh and great video.. I’ll check it out. >_o

mountaineerndixie says:

I have quite a nice life, Sir Nemo…..but I can see you are obviously a lover of men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that lol.

thatonebeone says:

Can you do this video while undressing ? Like the naked weather..please?? I dont have very good imagination i was looking at your boobies (.)(.)

cud0s says:

awesome vid. and awesome boobs

megamastah says:

I guess I’m no longer a stalker, perv and nerdy nerd.

Jeffrey Clark says:

you are character

somemadcaaant says:


Autofanatic28 says:

i’m going to pin you to the wall! Take that!

aeirr says:

Hmmm Stevie? I dunno reckon stay with sassibob just seems right on YouTubes. Like it has a better ring to it. Still thanks for another grand video 🙂

mattrageous4 says:

so its like reddit, but without reddit?

johnfranks says:

Remember when Google search results had thumbs up and thumbs down buttons? Seo is the bane of the internets. :/

themenich says:

tht booms, dear santa…….

VilakCerealKiller says:

Yeah! Show me some guns! LOL

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