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Pinterest Song

Pinned on 09/22/2012 at 12:43 pm by owner

Pinterest Song

Help me get an awesome channel makeover! Vote for me 10 times per day til Sept. 30 here: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Lyrics by Christina Wolfgram – Christina’s blog: Music by JJ Kirkpatrick, Christina Wolfgram and Abbe Drake Sung, Directed, & Edited by Abbe Drake


Dariclone says:

Great song! Voting now!

Lucasweatherup says:

that was awesome that site made you crazy lol

XLosGarciasX says:

lol glitter

WantedAngelina says:

lol yay

aznbandboi says:

If I was a Disney studio executive, I would hire you to voice over our new Disney movie. Lead female role.

McFaegle says:

You’re like an escaped Toon from Warner Brothers. 🙂 Brilliantly funny and creative. <3
Can't wait for your next one!

JXintheZ says:


kokohawk says:

You were meant for Broadway.

intotherei says:

her face looks so weird in this video.

JesseAndMike says:

Haha, awesome song Abbe! 😀

MeGo663 says:

DeMusliM you lucky son of a bitch!!!

mangomango999 says:

Just Abbe being Abbe. Bravo Abbe.  Bravo!

David Molinari says:


yogurtpimp says:

I just had a Disney flashback.

denkar1891 says:

You just ended my day with a smile on my face 🙂


jMusic503 says:


pizzagirl2646 says:

Hi 😀 <3333333 You're very welcome Abbe :3

ashworth614 says:


jblogs07 says:

Cool video! Just placed my 10 votes! Do I vote everyday?

lobomeanswolf says:

Sounds like a Disney princess video

KiddsockTV says:


EdinSoCal909 says:

how soon is it going to be when we find out Abbe is doing the singing for Disney?  I’d say within a year, probably less.

MrChief101 says:

Sude, that WAS for Disney!

MrChief101 says:

Thank goodness it had a happy ending. That could have gone so horribly wrong and dark.

LucasCAPS says:

Putting the pop on opera. Let’s call it popera.

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