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TLDR: iPads, Laptops, Kickstarter, and Pinterest « Pinterest «

TLDR: iPads, Laptops, Kickstarter, and Pinterest

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TLDR: iPads, Laptops, Kickstarter, and Pinterest

Four Reasons You Don’t Really Need an iPad Six Reasons Why I Am Sticking with a New Windows-Powered Laptop Crowd Funding is the Future of Technology Why Brands Are Using Pinterest – and Yours Should, Too How to Convert Any Microphone to USB Can Using Coupons Actually Hurt Your Budget Goals? Back Link of the Day Thanks to Knight Digital Media Center for referencing Kelly Clay’s post, How Evernote Made Me a Better Blogger! If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it! Join us when the countdown ends!


ashipod13 says:


ashipod13 says:


ashipod13 says:

this is probably the longest tldr chris has ever done, it was nearly 5pm when he finished

prathameshlabhade says:

All people don’t want to play games… A table needs a stylus. Not for everyone maybe people that work from home office don’t need a stylus. I agree with that.

ashipod13 says:

one more like than yesterday

SourceBoltMedia says:

Chris you take away over an hour of my life every day, but I’m loving every second of your TLDR videos :)

JKNProductions1212 says:

4,974 that is a lot of comments

rbarysas says:

a little late, but beard!

SourceBoltMedia says:

Why all the dislikes? :/

danielklee92 says:

4,796th comment.

ashipod13 says:


GeneseoBand says:

Chris, I love the new format! Don’t worry about the trolls. You know there is no way to make everyone happy all of the time. Might as well just do what you believe in and think about all of the people like me who enjoy and appreciate what you do!

gazzbryant says:

Blackberry. Lol. XD

Bert Visscher says:

“If you like Diana?” Say what? Are you serious, Chris?? Did you say “if”??? 😉

foxumon says:

ひげ = Beard :3

oztracks says:

You should completely ignore the trolls. By giving them any reaction at all, even when your reaction is “I don’t care”, you are just feeding them. If you never mentioned them even once it wouldn’t matter. Personally really enjoying the format and have been watching every day, keep it up.

RebornAleph says:


What a complete and utter disrespectful piece of shit. Did it ever occur to you that some people just might not be able to afford state-of-the-art gadget like an iPhone 4S or an iPad?

I usually keep to myself and only speak out when you say or do something extremely cool – which you do, often – or when you do something extremely stupid like calling an iPhone “the best gaming platform in the world”.


RebornAleph says:

But disrespecting people who just wanted your fucking opinion is just downright rude and of poor upbringing. You’re a spoiled brat who refuses to grow up using Lego.

I feel sorry for Diana, really, but she sounds like a total fucking ditzy anyway. She probably doesn’t even see it.


RebornAleph says:

Have yourself a happy fuckin’ New Year. Unsubscribing. Go ahead and act all faux-mature with some pseudo-witty comeback or just label me as a “troll”. That’ll help.

Or otherwise, just use some Internet-cliché sarcasm just like you do to every single person who legitimately criticises something you do. So much bullshit spouting about “modesty” and “not being famous until X”, but it still appears that you continue to treat your fans like shit.

Unsubscribing, for what that’s worth.

hoboteam100 says:

i have too sneeze

TheNitram24 says:


TheNitram24 says:

That end “mouth frothing” thing was totally worth the whole hour and 41 minutes haha. Thanks for the video! great episode, I love watching these

batchevski says:

dude not everyone is perfect…. as everyone makes a mistake…. but yes blackberry is going down because of the its os is crappy my blackberry died in two months … the software did not coopererate with the screen so yea blackberry is kinda shit… You are being an idiot for not understanding that he does this everyday and eventually he will get tired… so there you go

dipperski says:

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