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TLDR: Pinterest, Popcorn, TV, and Windows 8 « Pinterest «

TLDR: Pinterest, Popcorn, TV, and Windows 8

Pinned on 09/14/2012 at 12:35 pm by owner

TLDR: Pinterest, Popcorn, TV, and Windows 8

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ErnieJay08 says:

I’d love to be a gnomie =)

Bakari8886 says:

I notice audio stuttering. Not sure what is cause this though

Bakari8886 says:

For a while I thought this was my system causing the audio stuttering

Charlie Parton says:

Gnomies for the win

STInternationalNews says:

Clipboard works fine with video hope this helps Chris.

Jake Adams says:

I would really like to get a Gnomie subscription!

hisroyalawesomeness says:

so cos people from my country dont care for you they suck? retard ftw!

Bert Visscher says:

I’d be a Gnomie already, but I fled from PayPal and I can’t use Skrill yet. Can I?

TheNitram24 says:

Haha @ pirish… I’m scirish (scottish and irish)

aleczskater says:

yaaay an occasion for me to get a gnomies account! I’ve commented about this thing yesterday.. did you see the post or ? because this works perfectly on the line

WhoIsZaffry says:

Great Stuff…. Would Love To Be a Gnomie…. Shout Out From Sri Lanka Great Stuff, Great Channel, Great Videos…. Its a Dream to be a Gnomie

Radioactiveification says:

Liked, +1, Tweeted, Facebook shared

ingoatd says:

Eats a bowl of popcorn – ask yourself why you’re so thirsty

ingoatd says:

Eats a bowl of popcorn – ask yourself why you’re so thirsty

ingoatd says:

Eats a bowl of popcorn – ask yourself why you’re so thirsty

lockergnome says:

– I have no frakkin’ idea.

cookiestech says:

Chris, are you doing a video on the start menu i emailed you about?

marshallww says:

love your vids, greetings from austria, vienna 🙂

marshallww says:

btw. there are great proffessional photographers on instagram

TheDualCoreDude says:

Loving the popcorn idea Chris, it really makes people laugh and adds a bit more fun to your video!! 🙂

TheDualCoreDude says:

Think recording us instead of you recording yourself would be funny!! Hope this will give you a idea on what in your next vid. 🙂

carrottop981 says:

Always make awesome vids cris

Ian Murray says:


Ian Murray says:

like my windows 8 post about 13 thing should improve in windows 8:

Bert Visscher says:

@8:20 Is it just me, or are you feeling sorry for the wrong country here?

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