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Why Girls Love Pinterest « Pinterest «

Why Girls Love Pinterest

Pinned on 08/09/2012 at 7:50 am by owner

Pinterest For Dummies

Why Girls Love Pinterest

Pinterest For Dummies

Organize your life, your likes, and more with Pinterest and this fun how-to guide

Now you can organize your digital life with Pinterest, a hot new site that lets you create visual bookmarks of your favorite things and “pin” them on virtual pinboards. Want to save something from a blog? Have a favorite retail website? Want to pin a quick photo you took with your phone? Organize them all with Pinterest and this fast, friendly guide that shows you just how to do it. You’ll see how to set up an account and your boards, how to pin and re-pin, where to use hashtags, find ways to share pins with your other social networks, and more.

Pinterest is fun and easy, and even more so with Pinterest for Dummies!


emgrodeck says:

Summer scarves.. But you wear them around your waist

LK Fitzgerald says:

dream apartment, anthropologie.. O RLY.

LK Fitzgerald says:

Not sure if you’re gay or my soul mate.

LK Fitzgerald says:

Yeah I just double replied to my own shit. It’s how I give equal emphasis to each thought.

lucayknee says:

i think i love you

superspyavril12 says:

and you just stand sideways….all day long lol….i loved that part

jojoo1396 says:

You are so hilarious<3

Gator115 says:

i think its reasonable to say that 90% of your subs are girls

EroticCakes says:

So, what… are you like Johnny Marbles or something?

Tyrell Swonsane says:

so, 2 people have no sense of humor i guess, this guy i funny

Karli0440 says:

This guy is golden

Shicks0 says:

So funny

sevenofseven19 says:

Lol…. are you planning on becoming a stand-up comedian?

thompsonj007 says:

Gotta get those Canadian tuxedos while they are hot.

MrFlagg says:

almost as funny as a 1980s Mad Magazine. If only there was a fold in.

championkhan says:

What the crap is a pinterest? Some sort of unicorn towel?

Tone Ouellet says:

Dude… You’re amazing ! Love your stuff !

silvlue says:

You’re Fucking Genius!!!!

aziangr1 says:

holy crap. pinterest and reddit. that’s it!!

levihambrick says:

haha, I literally LOL’d at the very last sentence, when it cut off.

TheBrony3000 says:

My god you’re absolutely brilliant!

crazydavey804 says:

mind = blown

John Hayes says:

That shit about the bathing suit pics and the long string of girls, so so true. 

vindictii says:

I’m more than happy to subscribe to a fellow redditor! Not to mention your content is actually good of course.

WarrenBohannon says:

dude, i’m a redditor, the only thing that could make this better is if someone else came from r/trees too.

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